Mar 13 2009

Enjoying Practice on Butler

The weather’s been beautiful this past week. Light winds with highs in the low 80’s and water temps in the low 70’s. Why can’t it be like this all year?

I’ve been bumming rides off my buddies this past week since my boat is still at the shop, but still have to get ready for the Fishers of Men tournament on Sunday at the Butler Chain. I love this chain of lakes. There’s something nice about being in crystal clear water that has some depth to it. 

When the fishing slows down or you get too hot or tired, you can just go by Bird Island and hang out for a bit. I gotta say it’s been a hang out of mine for most of my life. The scenery’s not bad either. 

Maybe it’s about enjoying things during practice, because my partner Walt and I have found some giants. That usually means I’ve already caught’em all and they won’t bite during the tournament but we’ll see. It is prime bedding season here and I’m sure there’s gonna be some hawgs at the weigh in taking place at Bass Pro Shops around 3 pm. 

I plan on fishing all day tomorrow, but shaking everything off. That $5,000 would sure com in handy for me and my team mate.