Mar 18 2009

Beaten on Butler

I fished the Fishers of Men tournament on the Butler Chain this past weekend and I would’ve been better off going to Bird Island to hang out instead of fishing. My partner and I pulled in a couple of 8’s and 9’s on the Thursday before the tournament and were feeling good about our chance at the $5,000, but it was a different story on the day of the tournament.

We fished the edges of the peppergrass fields on Lake Down until about 11:00 convinced that the hawgs we pulled in a few days before were still there. Well they weren’t. We dragged that watermelon lizard and green pumpkin 10″ worm on a carolina rig with nothing.

I think the fish moved in on bed from the area we were fishing. We actually saw the guy who weighed in the biggest fish of the tournament when he caught it off a bed in the kissimmee grass. All I could hear was “God, look at the size of that thing” when they reeled her in. 

Even if we decided to go bed fishing, those guys had an earlier launch and were already fishing the bed before we got there. 

Thinking back, we should’ve gotten our limit from bed fishing in the morning and then gone to drag the rig. Timing is everything and we got it wrong this time. 

The biggest fish I saw on bed the day before the tournament was about 5 pounds and someone had already picked her off when we got there. 

I thought for sure it would take at least 15 pounds to win this tournament with Preston Clark and Gitem pro Brian Hudgins in the tournament, but it only took 13 pounds to win it.

I guess it was a learning experience for me and next time I’m gonna get my limit before I start hawg hunting.