Mar 22 2009

Checking out the Middle St. Johns River

gator 300x200 Checking out the Middle St. Johns RiverI checked out the St. Johns River yesterday and talk about having to go slow as hell. I launched at Ed Stone Park in Deland and most of the areas I checked out took way longer then it should’ve because of the idle zones in the manatee areas. The crazy part is there were no manatees to be seen anywhere. I think the tree huggers are getting out of control.

As far as the fishing, the best spots I found were in the river and Lake Bresford. I almost got stuck in Lake Woodruff and Dexter, so I think I’ll be avoiding that spot. I did ground out on Lake Monroe which is way down. 

The water is pretty muddy everywhere, even in Woodruff and Dexter which was not what I was expecting. I gotta find clear water that’s 3 to 5 feet. If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know. I’d also like to find eelgrass, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. All the fish I caught were in a mix of pads and timber in deeper water.

I’ve narrowed down my baits a little bit and eliminated a bunch of water with giant mudfish. I pulled in a 15 pound mud which was exciting for about 2 seconds.

I did find a 5 pound bass on a black thumper spinnerbait in the river and a few smaller chunks flippin a black and red Chigger Craw in pads. I also caught one on a 1/4 ounce white thumper. 

I think there’s supposed to be some shad run that goes on here, but don’t know where to look to take advantage of it.

The only problem with the river fish is that you cash 2 mudfish to every bass you catch. I hate those toothy critters.

It’s probably gonna take a while before I get this place dialed in. I hope I can find a place with a concentration of fish because it’ll take forever to move to another spot because of the manatee zones. 

The only thing I saw out there were some giant alligators…. maybe they’re eating the manatees.