Jan 8 2014

First Day on Lake Kissimmee

I heard the cold weather was coming so I spent the day on Lake Kissimmee this past Sunday in warm 80 degree weather with hardly any wind at all. It’s probably the best weather I will see in the next several weeks.

It’s absolutely amazing how much the grass changes from year to year. The places where they were bedding last year are now filled in with hydrilla and a lot of places that was topped out is now clear.

The fishing was a bit tough to start with. The beds are just not there for the most part but I did find one area with lots of beds without any roosters on them. I’m betting that they will at least have roosters after this cold front.

The water was in the low 60’s in the morning and got up to about 65 in the middle of the day. I started punching with an 1.5 oz and caught two 5 pounders in a 50 yard stretch… guess I’ll come back to expand this area a bit this weekend. Caught a few more with the usual swimbait and speedworm but those fish were tiny.

With the wind being so calm, I spent most of the running the lake and checking out how the grass is looking everywhere. I started in the “school bus” area, then went on to “lemon point”, “7 palms”, “27 palms”, “jack’s”, and the area with the one palm tree down south (no idea what this place is called). I pretty much ran the entire east side of the lake. Hopefully the wind will cooperate and I can run the west side next time.

The only thing I figured out is that I can catch them on isolated matts. I hope to find an offshore rattletrap or carolina rig spot in the next few times I go out. Stay tuned.

I’ve also noticed the more I can’t figure things out, I tend to get more superstitious. I noticed a lot of bad things in Tennessee and a lot bad things happened. The good news is that I’ve been noticing good things lately so my mind must be in the right place. I’ve seen rainbows the past 2 times I’ve been on water so I’m gonna take it as a sign of good things to come.