Jan 21 2014

Almost Ready for the Open

bass Almost Ready for the Open

I’ve been out in some brutally cold weather for Florida standards since Saturday. I spent the weekend on Lake Kissimmee and Monday on Lake Toho.

As far as Lake Kissimmee is concerned, I feel like I have this place so dialed in that I’ll get bites all day long irrelevant¬†of how cold it gets. I have no idea what size the fish are since I practice without a hook. The “hitch hiker” screw locks come in real handy for this. Anyway, I’ve got 4 to 5 key areas where I feel like I can get 5 bites fairly quick. All these spots are near bedding areas so there’s gotta be some big females nearby.

I’m ¬†catching fish in a mix of vegetation. I can catch fish anywhere with that combination. In fact, I ran all of Lake Kissimmee looking for that combination. Everywhere I saw it, I would pull in, get a bite, and go to the next spot and do the same thing.

I started Monday on Lake Toho and decided to focus on the trap bite. Within a few casts at my first spot I catch an 8 pounder and some smaller fish. The area had a mix of shells and hydrilla so I decided to try to duplicate the pattern and a few hours later catch a 5 pounder in a similar area. The only thing that concerns me is that the bites are not coming that quick. In fact, they’re few and far between.

At about noon, I decided to look for beds since it was getting really warm. My lower unit had other thoughts thoughts. I blew the darn thing and had to get towed to shore. The guys at the Mercury service trailer put on a new lower unit for me so I should be good to go for the tournament. Thank you Scotty.

I really don’t feel the need for any more practice but I’m heading out this morning anyway. I’ll start in Toho and who know what I’ll do from there.

The bites on the trap on Toho were good but I don’t necessarily know if they’re reliable. I’m getting a lot of bites on Kissimmee but I don’t know the size so there’s always something going around in your head saying you haven’t seen any big fish so do something else.

I guess I’ll finalize my game plan after today. Sun up until sun down should give me some ideas. I’m pretty dialed in and its scary. Hope this rodeo ends up being my time. Still need to find a more reliable trap bite on Toho.