Jan 25 2013

Beginning of Bedding Season

9 225x300 Beginning of Bedding SeasonI’ve spent the last 2 days on Lake Kissimmee and I can’t say I feel all that confident about the Open just yet. The fish are starting to move up and beds are everywhere. The only problem is there’s very few fish on bed. I keep telling myself they’re not too far away from I’m struggling with figuring out where the heck they’re staging. I don’t believe they’re too far away from the beds but I can’t seem to locate them. There’s no way they go out to the main lake and come back so they’ve gotta be before you get to the outside grass line but where?

We’re just a few days from the full moon with a warming trend and they should pull up this weekend big time. We’ll see if my hunch is right. I did find a few fish on bed today. I pulled up a 3.5 and a 9.5 off the bed. Its the first bed fish of the season and I can’t seem to wipe that stupid smile off my face. I can’t believe I can’t pluck any more off until Thursday. I also saw another guy pluck off a 11.11 not too far from me. I know what it weighed since he had to borrow my scale. That’s 25 pounds with 3 fish in this area I fished today and I think more are moving in.

We’ll see what happens during the open but I’d feel a lot more confident if I can figure out where the heck these fish are staging before they move on to bed. I’ve checked shell bars, offshore hydrilla, outside grass lines, inside grass lines, and pads. The beds are made but most of them aren’t there. Where the heck are they?

Jan 23 2013

Toho Open Practice

It’s getting real close to the BASS Open and I don’t have a clue as to what I’m gonna do. I’ve been up since 4:00 AM and getting work done so I can fish today. Many of the local big sticks have been weighing in 20 to 30 pounds in recent tournaments and I definitely don’t have anything like that figured out just yet.

At times I feel like those guys are way better than I am and other times I feel like I can take every last one of them out.

The Kissimmee Chain can be fickle this time of year so I’ll try to keep you guys updated on what I figure out or don’t figure out in the next week in preparation for the tourny. I’ll at least take the effort part out of the equation.

I’ll be fishing everyday until the tournament and will try to post how each day goes.

Dec 17 2012

Aaron Martens Bait Holder Trick

0 Aaron Martens Bait Holder Trick

Nov 3 2012

Pro Talk

I noticed these videos about all aspect of pro bass fishing. There’s 14 in all and can be found Here, but here’s a few I thought were the most interesting

How Much Does It Cost?

0 Pro Talk


Do Elite Pros Get Expenses Paid For?

0 Pro Talk


Can You Make It As A Pro Angler Without Sponsors?

0 Pro Talk


How To Become A Bass Pro

0 Pro Talk


How Do Pro’s Find Fish

0 Pro Talk


Pro’s Sharing Info

0 Pro Talk


Pro’s Sharing Info Part 2

0 Pro Talk



Oct 26 2012

It’s Official

BASS Its Official

I haven’t even gotten into the BASS Opens for 2013 but in my mind, I’ve already won one of them and got the check to show for it. I’m gonna look at it every single day until I win one. You’ve gotta do something get the fact that you’re probably going up against some of the best fisherman around.

Actually stole this idea from Jim Carey. He’s most known for being a funny guy in movies like Ace Ventura and Liar Liar but a lot of people don’t know about how he wrote himself a check in 1990 for $10 million dollars with the notation “acting services rendered” and dated it Thanksgiving 1995.

In interviews, he talks of how he used to drive to his favorite place and think of what it would be like to actually make this check. Oh, by the way he was paid $20 million for the above mentioned movies in 1995.

Worked for Jim Carey, so hope it works for me. I guess I need to fill in a date.

A motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once wrote: “Everything you need for your better future and success has already been written”.

Oct 20 2012

Think I’m Ready for My New Triton

My new indoor/outdoor living space is taking shape. It’s definitely weird seeing daylight out of one of your walls but I gotta make room for my Triton.

Think I’ve got room now but what the hell am I doing?

triton21 1024x768 Think Im Ready for My New TritonTriton11 1024x768 Think Im Ready for My New Triton

Oct 9 2012

Tricked Out Trap

trap1 Tricked Out Trap

There’s lots of lipless crankbaits on the market and I’ve gotta say I’ve tried just about all of them and finally settled on one that’s always in my box. The Yozuri Ratll’n Vibe is one that is not commonly used and has a slightly unique color and sound which I believe make it that much more effective.

It’s a great running bait and looks good too. There’s a greenish iridescent glow to the bait that is unique to Yozuri along with the black and gold with orange belly that’s always worked so well for me in Florida. It’s like a junebug worm.. for some reason fish in Florida like it.

They’re great baits right out of the box but the tinkerer in me has it doctored up a little bit.  I replace the stock round line tie with a tear drop shaped line tie. I tie the line to the narrow end when I want a wide wobble and for it to go through hydrilla a bit easier. I tie to the round end on really cold days to give the bait a tighter wobble. Its too bad Xcalibur stopped making the tear drop shaped split ring. I’m now resorting to taking them off old baits and stockpiling them.

Anyone who fishes these baits a lot can attest to some giant bass that jump and shake this bait so I take stock hooks out that are good already and replace them with #4 Mustad KVD treble hooks.

I throw this bait on 3 set ups:

  1. 7′ Medium Kistler Composite Cranking Rod, Shimano Cardiff 200 5:8:1, Berkley Big Game 12 lb
  2. 7′ Medium Kistler Magnesium; Shimano Core 6:2:1, Seaguar 15 lb fluorocarbon
  3. 7′ Medium Heavy Bass Pro Shops Rick Clunn Crank Rod; Revo Stx 6:2:1; Seaguar 20 lb fluorocarbon

Each set up runs the bait at a different depth and allows for covering various thicknesses of hydrilla.

I can’t wait for things to start cooling off and start becoming time to throw the trap although anyone can catch a fish on this thing all year round.

Oct 3 2012

Mercury Quickare for Free

Picture 2 Mercury Quickare for Free

Like most people, I love getting something for nothing and had to share this free offer for Mercury Quickare.  All you gotta do is fill out the form and you’ll get a sample to treat 6 gallons of ethanol ridden gas. I found out first hand what ethanol can do to an engine and have been using additives ever since.

I’ve been using Mercury Quickleen #2 but its more expensive and only treats 5 gallons of gas per ounce. The Quickare #1 treats 10 gallons of gas per ounce and about $2 to $3 less.

Sure wish I can buy it by the case somewhere online but can’t seem to find’m.

Oct 3 2012

First Sighting: KLX from Kistler Rods

227967 364031237006762 497497532 n 224x300 First Sighting: KLX from Kistler Rods

I’ve been noticing some things popping up on the Kistler Rods facebook page about a new rod that’s coming up in the Kistler line up. It’s the new KLX series that I would imagine is soon to be released.

The only thing I know about it is these rods will feature a blank designed and built by Gary Loomis and Trey Kistler with a hybrid/modulus action at North Fork Composites. To be perfectly honest I have no idea what hybrid/modulus means. Maybe it means its a really soft tip. Hopefully, they’ll clarify this when it comes out.

The only thing that I do know is that its similar to the Z Bone IM blanks that were previously available.

As always, there will be no foregrip, ECS reel seat, Amtak micro guides, and Fuji tip.

Can’t wait to actually see one. This is the best pic we’ve got for now.

Sep 22 2012

New Boat is On Its Way

I’m pleased to announce my new boat is on its way. The ’13 Triton 21 HP Elite with a 250 Mercury Pro XS, 26 Fury, 109 Motorguide, Lowrance HDS 10 in dash, Lowrance HDS 7 on bow, Lowrance Sonic Hub, 2 Powerpole blades, Diehard Platinum batteries, Pro Air System, and Atlas hydraulic jackplate is the set up I chose and consequently the same boat that Randy Howell runs over 80 mph. I’m dying to stretch her out.

0 New Boat is On Its Way 0 New Boat is On Its Way 0 New Boat is On Its Way