Apr 10 2009

Red Eye Shad vs Xcalibur xr50

red eye v foxy momma Red Eye Shad vs Xcalibur xr50

There’s a lot of rattletraps on the market right now and probably the two that are the most popular at the moment is the Xcalibur xr50 and the Strike King Red Eye Shad. To be honest, they both catch fish and as you can see, my favorite color is the chrome sexy shad.

Strike King Red Eye Shad lives up to its promise of having that seductive shimmy as it falls and it definitely triggers strikes. It has the red eye to give bass something to key in on and it runs true when you reel it straight in.

The Xcalibur xr50 also has a shimmy but it falls a little slower because it’s a little thicker than the Red Eye shad. It too has the red eye and it’s probably the truest running out of all the lipless crankbaits on the market.

The Red Eye Shad goes for $5.50 and the xr50 goes for $6.99. Being a cheap ass, you’d think I’d go for the Red Eye Shad but I prefer the xr50. First of all, the xr50 holds up a little better. All the chrome fell off the Red Eye shad the first time I started ripping it out of hydrilla like KVD on Toho. It’s really quite annoying. The thing definitely catches fish, but they get messed up real easily.

The xr50 still looks new after catching numerous fish, so it’s definitely worth it pay the $1,50 extra. If you like to reel fast or troll, the xr50 also runs truer at high speeds. It also comes in a one knocker which gives a little different sound. If you fish in pressured waters, you know that little variation could mean all the difference between catchin’em or not.

The only knock I have against Xcalibur baits is that the eyes have a tendency to fall off on all their baits. You’d think they’d use a better glue.

In any case, this battle goes to the Xcalibur xr50 for its durability, swimming action, slower fall rate, and the one knocker option.

red eye Red Eye Shad vs Xcalibur xr50